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ADF - Association of Danish Aircraft-related Companies

Adf, the Association of Danish Aircraft-related Companies, consist of 27 independent companies, all authorized by the DCA / SLV. The majority of members are also authorized by EASA under PART-145. The companies maintain and service mainly general aviation aircrafts and commuters and do aircraft -related work.

Adf was founded in 1973 with only 6 companies. The main reason why it was founded were, that it was a great burden, to each company, to negotiate with the authorities, etc. and it was a need to have a common organization to take care of common problems.

In a few years after the foundation of Adf, the number of members slowly grew to the level of today.

Adf represents about 95 % of all general aviation workshops and aircraft -related companies in Denmark and is managed by an executive committee of 4 persons. The chairman of the committee is, at the moment, Kjeld Poulsen.

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